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The start date is whenever you first start playing the game, so for me, that was on Christmas Day (December 25th). The only thing is the game will force the day to end after a certain amount of time. When I unlocked the designing option (which, you can only sell your designs online–you can’t in your shop), I spent a very long time on my Emblem so I could make my custom shopping bag.When I finished, I lost nearly two days–a whole day passed and when my character “woke up”, it was already night the next day.

While modeling does not make a re-appearance (Which does make me sad–it was one of my favorite jobs from Fashion Forward and I loved the special photos you could get where your character could hold something special for it), there is a photo feature you unlock that lets you take photoshoots at least–just… Which is a shame as you kind of get offered as such and I think being a singer and a designer would’ve been fun, but oh well :( ^There’s tons of poses though and a good amount of backgrounds so the options are there. It’s especially a shame as one place has a fountain and I would’ve liked to take a picture there :( There’s a lot of new clothing options and many that I really like, but I’m genuinely still bummed about the hair.

Oliver was probably the only one I could shrug off a bit–I expected him to be around more from how he was at the demo and what he said at the beginning and he just seemed to be forgotten amongst everything else as I feel like we never saw him except a bit towards the very end.

I feel like I loved more in this game than Fashion Forward though.

While hair and Make-up does make a return, there’s not only less hairstyles (My lovely curly ponytail is gone…

And there is no better high ponytail besides the normal one this game…), but a handful only unlock once you’ve finished the story. Make-up, I genuinely swear there’s less shades (or at least different ones) for certain colors.

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