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To be rich, successful and to make the Luthors' proud. Her young self hated her mate for what she have done.Lena taught she ruined everything she had planned, and so she left and vowed to break any slim connection they have.Mon-El is kidnapped and Kara realises that wasn't love.Instead, she is consoled by Lena Luthor, whom she starts developing feelings for.Tearing her mate's heart into pieces is the best way she can do as an act of revenge.Nine years have passed just like a wind, CEO of one the biggest company in the world. But fate seems to find a way to haunt her as she is about to meet her worst nightmare brought into life, her assigned mate that she used to belittle now CEO of a rival company El-Tech.

J'onn J'onzz sends Alex Danvers to Metropolis to help Clark and Lois investigate a ring of alien weapons smugglers who may have obtained Kryptonite.

What happens when Mon-El comes back with vengeance, armed with Kryptonite and fuelled by rage?

Or a Super Corp AU where Mon-El is basically Matello who wants revenge for Lena stealing his girl.

"Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia unveils its strong hardware and software line-ups for the coming holiday season".

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I also put my own twist, so some things are not going to match the timeline of the episode, but that's the brilliance of it being my story, so I hope you enjoy it. “I mean, how our poor grades would suffer, I could never!

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