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These include provinces, schools, universities and hospitals.

Clinical sexologist Marlene Wasserman, also known as Dr Eve, slammed Outoilet as a “horrific concept”.

” Outoilet users commented in the rooms on schoolgirls who were pregnant, ranked the most attractive girls in their classes, and asked for people to call them on their cellphones.

Online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas said yesterday that technology had allowed communication to become very impersonal.

The wise man listened carefully to her story, thought for a moment, and then told her to go to the market and buy a chicken.

On the way home from the market she was to pluck that chicken letting the feathers fall along the path.

Rumors and gossip are hurtful because they are bias information being spread around without the consent of those involved.

There are no rules for participation other than to be helpful along the way and that the transaction is between two people and nobody else in between no matter what.Outoilet, the infamous online forum where school pupils meet to make sexual assignations, describes itself innocuously as the “original gossip site”.Outoilet welcomes users with the words: “The only place you can gossip without anybody knowing who u r (sic).” Hundreds of people around the country have signed an online petition calling for the closure of Outoilet, a website where schoolchildren are able anonymously to discuss their communities, gang violence and sex among pupils.The next day she was to come back and see the wise man again. She bought a chicken and plucked it on the way home.When she came to him the next day she told him that she had done what he asked her to do.

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The wise man said to her, “Now, I want you to go home today by the same road you took yesterday, and pick up every single feather you dropped along the path.” The woman was distraught, and protested that there was absolutely no way she could find and pick up all those feathers. The wise man quietly responded, “You are see, just as you can never retrieve all those feathers, there is no way you can ever restore the reputation of the woman whom you harmed with your words.” @Iara nice post :) I wish the app, Minecraft Seeds Pro, had this sort of guideline, though rumours do get spread on the app, some of which get to the point were the Moderators of the app have to get involved, and there will be quite a negative atmosphere about afterwards especially between the rumour starter and the victim, though usually they do die out after a while.

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