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His last official position was deputy forester of the King's Forest at Petyherton in Somerset (1391-8 at least) and it is possible that he lived there for some time.

He was buried in the Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey where a monument was erected to him in 1555.

The knight tells of her virtue and beauty and of their courtship, and in answer to the dreamer's question declares her dead.

The hunting party reappears and a bell strikes twelve, awakening the poet, who finds his book still in his hand.

The poem remains cryptic, and it is uncertain what its purpose or extent would have been (though the poem says that the third book will, in fact, be the final one). It's estimated worth is $ 960.00 and daily income is around $ 4.00.Please, let me know if you use this work outside Wikimedia Commons sending me an email to Poco a poco or to diego(at)delso.photo with reference to the URL in case of a website or to the ISBN/author/title in case of a printed work or ebook.Send your props to Jorge Soto.","text":"2","link":"/discoveries/550b51e1198e4476b500050b/vote? However, with a premium profile the presentation would be a lot different and adjustable, e.g. Further Information This entry is currently a standard company entry.

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The eagle explains, philosophically and at length, how Fame works in its arbitrary ways and the book ends with a vision of the world (thought by some to be amongst Chaucer's most inspired writing: 896-1045).

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