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It was full speed including sound even with my modest 850 overclock(as my pi eats cards if I push for 900).

I got excited while trying to start Castlevania64 as all the intro scenes and menus worked without a hint of sound problems and then got a seg fault upon starting a new game.

BEST TITLES - Run Excellently (See cfg Settings Below) Super Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Star Fox 64 The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Turok Dinosaur Hunter GOOD TITLES - Run Well, But With Performance and/or other Issues (See cfg Settings Below) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask - Black screen when opening the inventory/menu Diddy Kong Racing - Slow but playable Pilot Wings 64 - Slow but playable Goldeneye 64* - Black screen on Start/Mission Select, slow but playable NON WORKING TITLES - Have Issues causing them not to run correctly Super Smash Bros 64 - Runs then crashes/freezes F-Zero 64 - Runs then crashes/freezes Wave Race 64 - Runs then exits on error when selecting game Castlevania 64 - Runs then exits on error when selecting game *Trivia - Originally dismissed as an Aprils Fools Day Joke, there actually is a full ZX Spectrum emulator in the Goldeneye 64 code (along with the entire back catalogue of Ultimate games, Jet Pack, Night Lore etc.).

Although deactivated before final release it can be accessed via a patch using an Everdrive cartridge on the original hardware (USA and JAP releases only, it was removed from the EUR ROM).

As I have discussed with the author, this is a constant issue in N64 emulation, F-Zero for instance worked a few revision back (but very slowly), fix one game, break another!

But I believe the speed increases acquired by the changes in other titles more than made up for this, better to have a few games running excellently that a lot running poorly/slowly.

I have tried Super Mario 64, Toy Story 2, LEGO Racers and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (which is the last game released for the Nintendo 64, by the way) with this emulator.

Mario 64 works great out of the box, although Mario's voice is slow and low-pitched.

In theory you should be able to set the Screen Update Setting=# in the Rice Video file to have it set on a per game basis.

Further work is required to increase performance/ROM compatibility, if you can assist the author please contact him as, so far, this is all his own work as a ‘lone’ programmer.

*Trivia - This was actually not originally included in the title but an early motion capture ‘Tech Demo’ by Giles Goddard, co-programmer of Argonaut’s Star Fox/Wing on the Super Famicom/SNES with Dylan Cuthbert and now a Nintendo employee, to flaunt the hardware to prospective publishers (he also programmed the infamous ‘Zelda’ demo when the system was in its infancy and still called Ultra64 See Here - https:// When a bemused Shigeru Miyamoto witnessed Giles at his desk with ‘florescent ping-pong balls’ attached to his face, inquired on what he was doing, suitably impressed Shigeru insisted it was included in the finished game!

It is still in an ‘Alpha’ stage but if you want to test it for yourself the process isn't onerous as the latest version will auto compile and build not just the emulator core, but all the required plugins.

It will run in XWindows, although for the best results run in Console (as with ALL emulators!

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